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Situated on the bank of the Berg River, in the West Coast (Velddrif) is Die Vishuis Restaurant, now with Herman from 01 Jan 2012, one can see giant pelicans sunning themselves on old wooden jetties where three generations fisherman still operate to catch Harders and dry out to make the local and unique Bokkoms. 

This restaurant was once a real Vishuis where the fisherman used to salt the Harders in big tanks. What remains of those days are the seashells in the original sand walls, portions of which, has been uncovered. This quirky little national monument has been kept appealingly genuine, complete with open beams and a long stoep where you can eat and enjoy the Flamingos, Pelicans and Herons because this is a major wetland area. 

A restaurant called Die Vishuis must of course have a scrumptious fish and seafood menu but this is not all that is served, Herman who has 31 years’ experience

in the Hospitality trade has put his wide experience to good use, creating seasonal and interesting West Coast dishes. 

You will be made welcome as you arrive at the door. After being shown to your table your friendly waiter will help you select your meal from the menu and if needed will call Herman for any further assistance if required. 

Being a small intimate restaurant we are able to create personal service for your enjoyment and relaxation throughout your meal. We are fully licensed.

Contact: Herman

022 783 1183

082 450 5053