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The lower Bergrivier is a rich source of a large
variety of fish. The season is mainly divided into two, that of freshwater and that of saltwater.
The freshwater season occurs during winter, which commences around June and normally ends around the end of September.
Rainfall in the interior, during this period, pushes the saltwater downstream and out to sea, generally allowing for species such as Carp and Catfish to be caught.
In summer, the saltwater season comes into play. After winter, the sea pushes up the lower ebb river, influencing the water as far as 35km upstream. This change ensures a large diversity of fish along with it. The species that may be caught are Elf, Steenbras, Garrick, Cod, Bar, Mullets, and a few other varieties.
The best time to catch fish:
Freshwater species can be caught early mornings and late afternoons.
Saltwater species approximately 1 hour before and after the turn of tides, and well as before 10.00 and after 19.00.
Where you may fish:
From a boat anywhere on the river, except in the red areas as indicated on the map, where fishing is prohibited. From the quayside at Laaiplek harbour there are numerous fishing spots. Further upstream along the river banks, but permission must first be obtained from the landowners.
Ensure you have enough sunscreen as you can suffer severe sunburn on or near the river. Wear a hat to protect your face. Take ample amounts of fluids to prevent dehydration, and a towel to help with cooling.
Make sure you have fresh bait and all relevant equipment, including a measuring device to ensure that undersized fish are not taken.

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