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The SA Fisheries Museum Velddrif is unique in that it demonstrates the history of the Fishing Industry: the resources, the harvesting of the resource and fish processing methods, as well as giving recognition to all pioneers and subsidiary stakeholders in the fishing industry.

Additional information is that the Museum is located in the grounds of the well-known Laaiplek Hotel adjacent to the busy fishing harbour in Laaiplek.  The museum itself is housed in an old historic building, previously a residential dwelling dating from the time of Carel Stephan, the famous trader who began trading with the grain farmers along the Berg River in latter half of the 1800’s.  New in the Museum is an ongoing exhibit depicting the history of Velddrif and surroundings which is inextricably connected to fishing since the earliest time.

Just as in the Fishing industry, where a fine balance between natural resource, harvesting the resource, marketing, consumption and all important sustainability of the resource is imperative, so this Museum promotes a balance between Conservation, Education and Information.

Contact: Felicity Ströhfeldt

022 783 2531